ACF Council

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Level and Responsibilities

The Council comprises of two representatives from all States (with one vote per State). It includeds members from the Committee of Management, but they have no voting rights. The Council meets twice per year, and communicate reguarly. Your opinion can be heard through your state representatives, and you can contact them through your State assocaition.

This level is responsible for establishing the strategic direction for the management, growth and long term sustainability of the sport.

Specifically, this level approves the Business Plan, national policies and procedures, coach education programs, skills programs and adjudication programs. Together with The Committee of Management , we enthusiastically try to mould the sport to identify and meet the changing needs of all stakeholders; stakeholders being participants, parents, and the government, in the face of competition from other sports and escalating costs.

State Delegate
ACT Tony Hall (President) 
ACT Marjorie Smith
NSW Danielle Lamour
SA Fiona Belton
SA Lauren Mazzachi
VIC Les Margaris
VIC Jessica Quayle
WA Sandra O’Keefe (President)
WA Sandra Gosling
NT Deborah Halliwell (President)
NT Karen Mellor
QLD Anna Lynch
QLD Michelle Humphreys (President)

Council Meetings

  • 17th & 18th March, 2018 at Holiday Inn, Tullamarine - Melbourne
  • 13th & 14th October, 2018 at Holiday Inn, Tullamarine - Melbourne

Annual General Meetings