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Australian Calisthenic Federation Release First Ever Whole of Sport Strategic Plan.

MEDIA RELEASE 28th February, 2019

Today the Australian Calisthenics community are proud to release ‘Our Future Now’ the first ever whole of sport strategic plan. The plan comes after months of stakeholder engagement and off the back of the organisation review conducted in 2018.

The plan lays clear the vision for the growth of the sport of Calisthenics in Australia, underpinned by a collaborative approach between national and state and territory members.

Australian Calisthenics Federation President Liz Kratzel, also a member of the strategic plan working party, is excited about what this plan means for the sport.

“Our sport is a unique offering for participants in this country and Our Future Now recognises this uniqueness, whilst also ensuring we have the strategies in place to grow and innovate within a changing sporting landscape. For the sport to remain an engaging and viable option for our current and future participants we must identify how we can harness the passion and skills of our community for positive change. We are confident that Our Future Now lays this out quite clearly.”

The plan was developed within the context of recommendations made in Sport Australia’s Intergenerational Review of Australian Sport 2017 and the Sport 2030 Plan. With girls and women at the core of the sports participant base, the Australian Calisthenics Federation are confident the projects within the plan will lead to more opportunities for boys, girls and women to engage with the sport, more often and in more meaningful ways.

Mike McLaughlin from McLaughlin Sports Consultancy led the stakeholder engagement process and development of Our Future Now. Like those within the Cali community, Mike is excited about what the plan means for the future of the sport.

“The Australian Calisthenics community has identified its bold collective vision as ‘Australia knows and loves Calisthenics’. To achieve this collective vision will not be easy and the ACF, MOs and clubs realise that they will need to do things differently for their vision to be realised. The first thing that the Australian Cali community did differently was to work openly together to develop Our Future Now, the first ever whole of sport Strategic Plan for enhanced collaboration and growth within the Australian Calisthenics community between 2019 and 2023. I was very pleased to have had the opportunity to help the sport achieve this outcome.”

“For the first time in the sport’s history all elements of the Australian Cali community believe in their common vision, purpose and values. Together with the strategic priorities and projects they have identified within the strategic plan, the sport is in a wonderful position to achieve its potential over the coming 5 years and beyond.”

Our Future Now is officially released today and can be downloaded on the ACF website. Over the coming weeks and months there will be further engagement at all levels of the sport to educate everyone in the Cali community on the opportunities that will lead on from the release of the strategy.

This is an exciting time for the sport of Calisthenics in Australia as we envision ‘Our Future Now.’

Download your copy of our Strategic Plan here...

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