Featured Adjudicator

Michelle Urquhart

Michelle commenced calisthenics as a 5 year old with St Mark’s club, then moved to Clifton on turning  9 years  old. At Clifton I continued my calisthenic career with Miss Vera Hopton as my coach until Clifton closed in 1977, performing on the final concert as a Senior.

Michelle coached at Acheron calisthenic club advancing the club in all age groups to “A” grade and “A” special, then opened a class at Mill Park in the Stables shopping centre which later changed it’s name to Findon.

Michelle has been a member of ASCA (Victoria) since 1984 having served on the Committee for  7 years  as Treasurer and Secretary.

She has adjudicated in all States, all divisions and age groups within Victoria, at Royal South Street and at the National Championships.

Michelle has a son Justin and two daughters Felicity and Tiffany, both of whom spent their calisthenic careers at the original Regent calisthenic club under the instruction of Mrs Enid Feltham and Mrs Diane Synnott, both performing on the final concert.

Tiffany trained for a Circus degree as an Aerialist and has travelled the world performing.

Tiffany currently coaches circus skills to a range of age groups.

Felicity is a mum now with a daughter who currently attends Blackburn Tiny Tots, so the journey begins into the next generation.

Calisthenics has provided me with many wonderful friendships and memories.

It is an absolute pleasure to adjudicate the amazing creativity of our coaches in all levels of the sport and enjoy the talent of each competitor.