Featured Adjudicator

Heather Lange

I started my Calisthenics journey as a Junior at the Scarborough GRL in 1973 and performed for the last time in 1991. I was fortunate to represent my State twice as a participant and twice as the Sub Junior State Team Coach. My coaching journey started in 1980 and in 2015 I was presented with my Certificate of Recognition for 35 years. (I’m now working towards my 40 years certificate.)

In 1994 I was awarded one of the three CAWA Coach of the Year Awards that coincided with the Australian Governments Year of the Coach. I was privileged to become a Life Member of the Carine Calisthenics Club in 1996 and the CAWA in 1997. In 2000 I was one of three finalists for the Gibson and Gibson May Campbell Service to Sport Award  

Loving all things Calisthenics, I commenced the ASCA Cadet Program in 1993 and have held the Advanced Adjudicator 2 Maintenance since 2010. Apart from adjudicating all levels in my home state I have been fortunate to adjudicate at a previous National Championship, CVI State Championships, Northern Competition in Victoria, Queensland State Championships and the Senior Week at Royal South Street.

Along the way, I have held every position a Club has for the past 18 years, been a Committee member of the ACF Coaching Committee, CAWA Development Chairperson, Rules and Regulations Representative, Competitions Committee Representative, the Coaches’ Association of the CAWA – President, Vice President, Competitions Representative, State Level Coordinator, Level 2 Coordinator, Level 1 Coordinator and Cadet Coordinator.

In 2017 I am adjudicating at the National Championships in Sydney and I am looking forward to this wonderful competition.