Featured Adjudicator

Dianne Houston

My name is Dianne Houston and I am an Advanced Maintenance Level 2 Adjudicator with 20 years’ experience, having adjudicated at RSS, interstate and local competitions both in solos and team competitions for all age groups and levels.

I have 2 daughters who were both Calisthenic competitors as well as Coaches of team and solos. My  gorgeous granddaughter is now at the beginning of her Calisthenics career (Tinies Championship class) which I am looking forward to enjoying for many years to come.

I also have two nieces both former calisthenics competitors who write for me at local competitions therefore keeping our family tradition in this amazing sport.

The highlight for our family in Calisthenics was when my youngest daughter Sheridan Bayley, coached by my older daughter Lisa White, won the RSS Graceful Girl and CVI State titles senior graceful competition in 2015.

I started my Calisthenics career at 3 years of age at Chelsea Girls Club under the coaching of Miss Olive Naismith, before the family moved to the northern suburbs and joined Bulleen Girls club with Heather Withers as the senior coach.

I was noticed by scouts of Minerva Calisthenic College as a last year Inter and was asked to attended classes for my senior years at Minerva under the coaching of Mrs Betty Gale.

I was lucky enough to finish my Calisthenic career at Claremont Calisthenic College under the coaching of Margaret Christfield before turning to coaching myself.

I was involved in coaching for over 30 years, coaching all sections, levels and age groups.

I joined ASCA in 1998 and after 3 years of intensive training became a fully qualified Adjudicator.

I love my job as a Calisthenic Adjudicator and enjoy adjudicating all section, age groups and levels of solos and team work. I hope to be able to provide professional and constructive feedback to all competitors and coaches to encourage them to reach their personal best.