Featured Adjudicator

Michelle Kalma

I started Calisthenics at the age of three at St Luke’s Calisthenics Club in Victoria. This later changed its name to Frankston City Calisthenics Club. My coach was Barbara Evans. I then attended Clifton Calisthenics and was coached by Vera Hopton. As a senior I attended Regent Calisthenics club and was taught by Dianne Synnott. I competed in the Graceful Solo competitions and won in 1988 at Ballarat under the guidance of Julie Fox.

Over the years I coached many teams and solos at Frankston City. To complete my Calisthenics career in Victoria I coached the Regent seniors with Tracey Eaton and also gained my Gold medal. I then moved to Western Australia and commenced the Adjudicator training program. I have been adjudicating for over 20 years and have adjudicated locally, interstate and at Ballarat. I coached the senior team at Riverton Calisthenics and have taught many Graceful solos. I coached Lynda Fare who won the Graceful Solo competition in Ballarat in the year 2000. I have been involved in the WA State Team as a mentor for coaches and have been on many selection panels. I still enjoy attending team and solo classes to give technical guidance and advice on choreography. My daughter is now very involved as a club, state team and solo competitor which enables me to see things from a parents perspective. Calisthenics has been and is a significant part of my life where I have made special memories and friendships.