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The ACF are responsible for the development and maintenance of its National Rules and Regulations. These rules are the foundation of Calisthenics around Australia. Each member State has the ability to apply for 'flexible rules' to cater for their own needs and operation.

Every three years, delegates from each member state are invited to a forum to discuss and review the National Rules and Regulations. The aim of the rules is to keep them simple, whilst at the same time, allowing the creativity of calisthenics to flow freely.

The ACF National Rules Forum is comprised of the Chair, two delegates from each State or Territory, and the ACF Directors of Competitions, Adjudication and Coaching.

The objectives of the Forum are:

  • to provide a national approach to the ACF Rules and Regulations;
  • to have unambiguous rules that govern all Calisthenics competitions that are interpreted consistently; and
  • to have rules that preserve and continue to develop the creativity and uniqueness of Australian Calisthenics within a safe performance environment.

The National Rules Forum convenes every three years to review the ACF Rules. 

The ACF National Rules Forum Advisory Committee consists of the Rules Forum Chair, and ACF Directors of Competitions, Adjudication and Coaching.  The Advisory committee are the body responsible for ensuring the ACF rules are interpreted consistently across States and Territories and between all stakeholders, including coaches, adjudicators, and competition committees.

Current ACF National Rules 

2022 ACF National Rules and Regulations_v2022
Memo - ACF National Rules and Regulations _v2022 Update

ACF Rules Forum Documents

Terms of Reference - October 2014
Rule change proposal - Proforma

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