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Anti Doping Policy

Fair play is what we all want in a sport.

The Australian Sports Commission is committed to eliminating drugs in all sports played within Australia and that includes calisthenics. Apart from the fact that our funding from the ASC is reliant on us adopting an anti-doping policy, ACF is committed to doing all it can to create that sense of fair play and keeping our sport drug free.

ACF Anti-Doping Policy – January 2015

Communication Policy

The ACF is committed to open and transparent management of calisthenics. It is our commitment that decisions will not be made in secret, and full explanations will be offered in support of our decisions.

ACF Communication Policy – March, 2015

Complaint Management Policy

The ACF continually tries to provide a righteous environment for all members. If, in the unfortunate event that there has been a digression from the optimum, participants have a right to seek correction of the event.

ACF Complaint Management Policy - July 2004

Decision Making Policy

The ACF is a consultative body acting in the best interests of members and the longevity of the sport.

Strategic decisions will be made after consulting all relevant stakeholders, and will be based on data secured from appropriate sample sizes. This allows us to make informed decisions. This is not to say that all ACF decisions will be correct decisions, but given the wide data, and the objective analysis of that data, the methodology will ensure we make the best possible decision at that time.

ACF Decision Making Policy – May 2015

Financial Management Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the finances of the ACF are managed, documented and authorised in a responsible manner.

This policy contains information for ACF committee members and volunteers to ensure compliance with the statutory and financial requirements of the Australian Tax Office and the ACF Constitution.

ACF Financial Management Policy – March 2016

Heat Sun Awareness Policy

While the majority of our sport is performed indoors, it is a vital part of promoting ourselves to the public that takes out into the elements of our harsh summer climate. Our weather patterns are changing and becoming hotter for longer periods of time. These elements increase exposing our participants and coaches to the risk of sunburn, dehydration and heat exhaustion. We should all be mindful of our individual State’s climate when planning rehearsal and performances and ensure that all involved are protected, both for the present and future health of all.

ACF Heat Sun Awareness Policy - December 2015

Inclusion Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to provide a position statement with regard to the inclusion of people within all aspects of the sport of calisthenics.  It is important for the Australian Calisthenic Federation (ACF) to take a leadership role in supporting an encouraging a membership base in which diversity is recognised, respected and valued.  Inclusiveness embraces such diversity.

In addition, the Policy seeks to ensure that our members don’t undertake any practices that discriminate against people on the basis of disability, age, socio economic status, educational attainment, sexual preference, ethnicity, physical features, religion or geographic location.

ACF Inclusion Policy - May 2013

Infection Control Policy

Our duty of care in leading groups extends into many areas. We have always been concerned about safety in the execution of calisthenic movements, but our responsibility also extends to infection control within that group.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the safety and well being of all ACF members. Following this policy should not be seen as a burden, because the provisions make good sense for all procedures within the family, and business in general, not just calisthenics.

ACF Infection Control Policy - July 2004

Member Protection Policy

This Policy provides a code of conduct forming the basis of appropriate and ethical behaviour which everyone must abide by. This Policy confirms that the Australian Calisthenic Federation Inc is committed to the principles of The Essence of Australian Sport.

Any members (states and individuals) requiring assistance with member protections issues please contact the ACF Executive Officer.

Member Protection Policy - January 2017

Privacy for Members

ACF respects the privacy of all members and this policy outlines the rigours associated with the collection, storage and use of personal information.

ACF Privacy Policy - March 2015

Recreational Calisthenics Policy

It is with great pleasure that the ACF has developed a strong recreational policy which explains how competitive and non-competitive calisthenics can work together to suit different members needs. We support and encourage the development of recreational calisthenics throughout all states so that many more people can enjoy the unique offerings of this wonderful sport.

ACF Recreational Calisthenics Policy - December 2015

Risk Management Policy

ACF is committed to providing a safe environment, physically and emotionally for all members. This is often hard because an incident could happen under the most unpredictable and bizarre circumstances. Good governance is anticipating the unexpected and even unimaginable.

ACF Risk Management Policy - July 2004

Volunteer Policy

The Australian Calisthenic Federation values and respects the contribution of all our volunteers in whatever capacity they may fulfil.The work done by volunteers is essential to the functioning of the ACF and our Affiliated Organisations and without such the sport’s capacity would be greatly diminished.

ACF Volunteer Policy - March - 2015